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Earth Day: Little Hands Learn Big Things

Come recycle at the market!

Bring your old electronics from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM and recycle them at the market, presented by Fairview Park Hospital. Everything from computers to cell phones and hair dryers will be accepted. Come be a part of the movement to help keep Mother Earth green and healthy!

Little hands growing plants.

Bring your kids to the market this Saturday, and let them plant their own seed with Erin Garden Club! Starting at 10:00 AM, we'll have all the supplies they need to experience planting a seed and nurturing it through its growth. A great learning experience all while having fun!

Learning is yummy!

We're making dirt cups! Also at 10:00 AM, the market kids will be rotating and making dirt cups. Sponsored by J. Keyton Salon for Aveda, come assemble dirt cups for a yummy snack! Made with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and a gummy worm to top it off, we're going to have a good time making a garden into a delicious snack. Learning is fun!