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2017 Farmers Market is In Full Bloom

Welcoming returning and new vendors to the Market on Madison

Don't Fence Me In!

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We think Cole Porter said it best when writing "Don't Fence Me In" - and maybe he even wrote it for our friends in the bovine family? Well, maybe not - but we sure do like to think so!

We have a new vendor joining us this Saturday who offers a product we've never seen at our farmers market! Wayne Swanson with Swanson Family Farms will be here offering free range meat. Raising the cattle himself at his home farm in Hampton, Georgia, he knows the quality of the product he offers - and the meat sitting wrapped up on the shelves just can't compete with free range meat.

His most popular products: beef, rib-eye, t-bone, sirloin, and roasts.

He also offers: tongue, liver, heart, and cube steak, and pork sausage.

Come see all of our vendors, returning and new this Saturday - all offering fabulous, fresh products!

One Down, Forever To Go.

We had a great opening week! The stretch of months when we don't get to work with our vendors is just the worst. There are many weeks to come, and we're looking forward to every one of them - and if you're not a part of the farmers market family yet...come see us! We want to meet you!

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